The hair doctor chronicles

Hello gorgeous! So, I had intended to do a lip stain review today, but the set I ordered didn’t arrive so instead let’s have a serious talk about your hair.

My first question is going to be the same one I ask everyone that sits in my chair, what do you LOVE about your hair? Is it the length or thickness or maybe the shine? Great! Now what do you wish you could change? If the only problem you have is that you want a haircut, that’s one thing, but normally it’s something else. It’s frizzy, too fine, too dry? Split ends? Ok, now we figure out why you may have that problem and we fix it!

Do you color your hair? Bleach it? Use a ton of products or maybe you love to straighten or wand it daily???

If you are like most of us you may do a few or even all of the above!

Well what do you give back to your hair for it’s years of sacrifice and service, helping to make you stunning daily?

Again, if you are like most of us, you may not do enough to give back to your locks. Pantene, Herbal
Essence, Head and Shoulders… Maybe some expensive shampoo you got from Sallys? Now I’m not knocking Sallys, (not ALL of the products they carry anyway) I AM knocking some of the brands that most of us buy that are on sale at Wal-Mart and we bought it because it smelled good or because the bottle promised it would do amazing things for you.  Maybe you bought it because a girl you know has beautiful hair and she uses it. That’s great but majority of women I see that do use those products and also have healthy, shiny hair do not color their hair or use heat on it often and they genetically had nice hair to begin with. They can get away using something they grabbed while grocery shopping.

I am going to attempt to write a series of blogs that deal with the issues and how you can fix it and possibly prevent it in the future.

-Lesson 1 is NOT ALL SHAMPOOS or CONDITIONERS ARE CREATED EQUAL. You love how your hair looks when you leave the salon and you want to make it look like that at home. Well step one will always be to use the right products designed to help your hair type. Of course most people are not going to be able to reproduce a salon blowdry at home (its hard!) but you will give yourself a huge step up if you use professional products.

-Lesson 2 is SWITCH IT UP! Most people like things that match, but for the best results when you pick up that  shampoo that is for curly hair, maybe buy a conditioner that is geared towards softness. If you have dandruff, buy the shampoo to help with that but buy a conditioner with a different benefit that you want to see in your hair. Something else for this category is you do not need to use the same shampoos and conditioners at every wash. A few times a week use one combination and then every few washes throw in something to change it up.

-Lesson 3 is CLARIFY CLARIFY CLARIFY! Think of this as an exfoliator for your hair. You need to get that build up off your hair regularly. Even if you don’t use hairspray or gel you still need to do this. WE get mineral deposits on our hair from water, especially if you have “hard” water. You will also get things from your environment. This will “cloud” your hairstrands. You want them exfoliated from that cloud so it can be shiny and be more receptive to benefits of your conditioner. You can you a clarifying shampoo or a trick of mixing in a tablespoon or two in your hand with your shampoo. It may not be as effective as the clarifying shampoo but you will notice a difference.

If you have oily hair, hard water or use a lot styling products (gel, mousse, hairspray) try to do this once every two weeks or once a week if you think you need it. For normal or dry hair that doesn’t get a lot of product use, try to do this at least once or twice a month.

*CAUTION* if your hair is colored, clarifying shampoo is normally not color safe. What that means is it may fade your color faster if you are using a semi permanent color or something temporary. You may not even know a difference but wait a few days after coloring before you use this.

Here is my personal routine just to give you an idea of what I mean:

I use Redken products (on myself and clients). My hair has been bleached many times in the bang area and has a vivid color on it that I switch often. It is definitely damaged.

I use Extreme shampoo for majority of my shampoos, once every 3 days. I also mix in baking soda once every 2 or 3 weeks. This repairs my damaged areas by adding protein to damaged areas to strengthen.


Other shampoo, Redken Scalp Relief. This treatment I only do once every 1-2 weeks. You shampoo and then leave the suds in your hair while you shave or do whatever and then you rinse and condition. This helps with and itchiness or flaking issues. This is not color safe and normally does fade my vivid colors a tiny bit but it is worth it.

For my conditioner I pretty much only use Redken Allsoft. I love how it makes my hair feel, it even makes my damaged hair look healthy and no one knows how much I have bleached it. Its awesome! I do switch this up with some other conditioners from time to time but this is my go to.

That stuff was just what I use personally and of course wont work for everyone but I want to help everyone find out what works for them. If you want to send me a picture of your hair for a recommendation, just leave a comment and we will work it out. Have a friend that needs help? Send her on over and I will do my best.

I have much more to come on this topic but for the sake of your time I will save those for future posts, be on the look out for more! Thanks for hanging out with me,


July IPSY bag goodies!

Ok lovely humans, here is my IPSY bag review for July! If you have not heard of IPSY, it is a monthly subscription that costs $10 and you receive a new bag (more like a zippered pouch) filled with an assortment of 4-5 samples or even some full size products, every month. You normally get your bag around the middle of the month but you have to sign up BEFORE the first of the next month in order to get your bag the next month. So if you sign up today, you should have yours around the middle of August and you will be charged August 1st. The products are selected for you based on your answers to a quiz that you will take when you sign up (there is a link at the bottom if you decide you want to take the plunge).

Alright, alright, I know… GET TO THE PICTURES!

Here it is, I’m sorry but I was in love as soon as I saw the pink metallic bubble envelope!

Once I got into that envelope, this cute little summery bag was inside…

Now for the goods!

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ok yeah, slightly dramatic for such a blurry picture lol

Product #1: Tarte deluxe Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer – in Park Ave Princess

First off, I love Tarte. The products I have used are all highly pigmented and definitely go the distance. This is waterproof, which is wonderful. Who wants their bronzer coming off when you swim or even worse, when you are sweating in the summer heat…? Ew. The color is nice and very shimmery. Depending on your complexion, this may add quite a bit of color to you if you are pale but if you are tan at all you will really only catch the shimmer. If you are not a shimmer kind of girl, that’s cool, Tarte also makes a matte formula. The full size is .32oz for $30 and this sample is .11oz so this is already worth $10, that is what you pay for the entire bag! So worth it.

on to the next…

Product #2: Jor’el Parker Classico perfume

Alright so I was not familiar with this perfume before it found its way to my house. This little rollerball, according to IPSY’s site, is “Exotic, inspiring, and full of surprises”… Well my surprise was smelling it and finding out that it is not particularly exotic or inspiring. I do think it is a pretty scent but it is very, VERY light and reminds me of something I would think a pre-teen girl would wear. It is soft, sweet and plumeria scented, if you like that then this is PERFECT for you! I personally like something stronger and more sulty. This little bottle is perfect for your purse and retails for $21!!

Product #3: Jersey Shore Sun Mongogongo Anti-aging Lip Conditioner – Vanilla Coconut Cream

Confession time… I am addicted to lip balm, you may say I am a lip conditioner connoisseur of sorts. I wear it more than I wear any gloss or lipstick. It’s serious. As far as Mongogongo goes, its ok. I do like it way more than most chapsticks you can buy in a grocery store, but its not in my top 5 or anything. It smells nice, like toasted coconut, but does not have any taste. I do like that it is organic and has lots of nutrients in it, but still not enough to make this my go-to or for me to purchase this after I run out but I would like try some other products from this company. This lip conditioner retails for $10.

Product #4: ‘Tini Beauty Eyetini Swizzle Stick Eyeliner – in Blue Hawaiian

I apologize for the horrible picture, I am still honing my camera skills (or should I say “I’m a friggen picture noob”?). Anyway, this is another company I was unfamiliar with (starting to become a pattern today). I tried on the eyeliner, the quality was nice. It went on smooth, no pulling or tugging, but I am not thrilled with the color and it can smudge but it isn’t too bad. There is always a place for smudgeable eyeliner so that’s fine, just know that this is not your fav waterproof eyeliner. The verdict: I have never been overly eager to put bright blue anywhere on my face, it’s just not my particular color. That being said, I would definitely try more products from this company that are not Hawaiian Blue. This was a full size product and retails for $18!

Last but certainly not least,

Product #5: BellaPierre Cosmetics mineral lipstick – in P.I.N.K.

Yet another unknown company but I am so glad that I found them! I love this lipstick’s application. It is so velvety and smooth. It keeps my lips hydrated which is great because so many lipsticks leave my lips feeling a little dry. I am a bit disappointed in the packaging and the color that it shows online. The packaging seems cheap, which is not a deal-breaker. Now the color online is a gorgeous vibrant pink, but the actual color is shimmery and very toned down. Almost a nude once I put it on. I am ok with it, it is still a very pretty color and looks great on, but I appreciate things being at least kind of well represented when you purchase something online (especially when it costs $19.99). Here is there online photo of this color:

Well that was July’s IPSY bag, my personal first of many more to come. I have to say I am happy with the bag and subscription service in general so far. It is a little hard to wait for, but I AM impatient. So our product worth is $78.99 and that does not include the value of the bag or shipping each month! In closing, I think it is a pretty great deal, even if you don’t love EVERY item every month.

If you decide to sign up for IPSY, you can use my link:

You also earn points for reviewing your bag on IPSY’s site after you get it, and for some other things like sharing your link and friends subscribing. These points add up and you can use them eventually to pick out bonus items (kinda like Sephora).

Anyway, thanks for hanging out and I hope to see you tomorrow for a blog on something beauty related… who knows what that will be lol

lulabelle, the new beauty blog in town

So I am always searching for ideas and inspiration for all things related to my love of beauty. I have found and learned some things over the years and I figured why not share what I find?

I cant even try to count how many times I bought a product and was soooo disappointed when I try it out. I immediately wish I could bring this half used tube of hair color back to Sally’s or this horrible mascara back to Ulta, but of course you really can’t do that. Chalk it up as a loss, it’s cool, right? It shouldn’t be cool, that mascara was expensive!!

So now you’re here, wondering what new product to get for your hair that will make it look like you just left the salon…

Or what brand of mascara is going to give you luscious, beautiful lashes…

Or maybe just the best chapstick?

Well I am going to begin the journey to answer some of those questions for you, have a particular question in mind? Just send me a message!

See you soon when I review my first IPSY bag (if you just asked “what’s IPSY?” you need to stick around)